Best Infant Dresser Reviews

10 Best Infant Dresser Reviews and Buyers Guide

Do you want to find the best infant dresser for your kid’s bedroom?

Then, it feels like you need some nursery furniture. You are lucky that you landed in our article. Here you will see reviews of the best infant dresser below.

An essential piece of furniture you want to have for your baby is an infant dresser at your home.

We’re going to talk about infant dresser, characteristics, brands on the market, and how to keep your baby safe while using them. Here we have taken into account all kinds of key features.

When you have to take care of a baby, you must be planning everything carefully. Among different items, you need an infant dresser for your baby.

By combining an infant dresser with a changing table, you might want to save space as well. But, we are sure you have protection, longevity, quality, and cost worries.

Parents are excited about purchasing baby products such as furniture, but with all the options available on the market, it can be a daunting task.

Finding something that will work over the years is one of the top recommendations when buying baby furniture. An infant dresser is a popular option in the market today. For parents all over the world, table dresser offers a wide range of benefits.

It typically represents a dresser when you look at an infant table dresser, so all you have to do is to take away the top changing pad to make it worthwhile as a storage area. You can put various items, such as clothes, toys, books, and others, into it.

If you are still reading our article, you will likely ready to start working on setting up the nursery. Below we will look at the comparison table of best infant dresser and discuss some of the top baby table dressers available in the market.

10 Best Infant Dresser

1. Dream On Me Marcus Changing Table and Dresser

Dream On Me Key Features

2. Stork Craft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

Stork Craft Avalon Key Features

3. DEVAISE 7-Drawer Chest

DEVAISE 7-Drawer Chest Key Features

4. mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Tower

mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Tower Key Features

5. COSYLAND 4 Drawer Dresser Storage Tower

COSYLAND 4 Drawer Dresser Storage Tower Key Features

6. SONGMICS 4-Tier, Storage Dresser

SONGMICS 4-Tier, Storage Dresser Key Features

7. Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser Key Features

8. StorkCraft Kenton 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

StorkCraft Kenton 6 Drawer Universal Dresser Key Features

9. Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser

Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser Key Features

10. South Shore Cotton Candy 3-Drawer Dresser with Baskets-Blueberry

South Shore Cotton Candy 3-Drawer Dresser with Baskets-Blueberry Key Features

Buyers Guide to choose the Best Infant Dresser

Choosing an infant dresser may become a daunting task. So, here are some factors that you should keep in mind at the time of buying a one.

1. Size- An infant dresser’s size may vary accordingly. You have to get the one that suits your storage needs. As it allows you to store several items, the large size will allow you to have a better advantage.

You do need to see, however, if it has a broad application and is capable of storing various items.

2. Construction- The construction must be sufficiently durable to allow you to use it for a longer period. Don’t go for one that is made of materials of cheap quality. Always see if it is made of materials such as wood or plastic of top quality.

Look at your feet and see if your stability has improved. Besides this, you can see whether it comes with axles that allow easy mobility for you.

3. Design- Look for an infant dresser that has an excellent design that can enhance the appearance of your home decor. See if it can accommodate items of various sizes and you can organize them according to your taste easily.

Make sure that you can use it to store various items, make it a unique product.

4. Maintenance- An ideal purchase would be an infant dresser with low maintenance. You need to see if it is impervious to chips and cracks and allows you to clean it without inconvenience.

Some of this may require assembly, and you’ll have to go for the one that comes with assembly without tools. You could also see if it has detachable drawers or not. So, it makes cleaning and storage easy for you.

5. Space- For the kid’s room, select the correctly sized dresser. It should fit perfectly into the room so that the room should not be congested or empty. For assistance, confirm the dimensions in the guidelines.


Whenever you purchase furniture for any reason, there are several specifications to verify. That is why we have put out the customers’ buying guide and especially recognize infant dressers one by one with their features and specifications.

In addition, there is a wide range of products that we have listed for you to choose the one that perfectly meets all your criteria.

For your needs, equip the nursery with the best infant dresser for your baby.

Whether you’re on a budget or looking for top quality furniture that will last for years, we hope our article and reviews will help you find what you really want.

Hope you will buy the best infant dresser for your baby. Happy Shopping!

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